Nutraceuticals & Medicinal Foods

Food goes about as medication which assists the body with forestalling a few illnesses. The food that we burn-through in diet assume a crucial part in controlling aggravation levels assists the stomach related organs with handling and wiping out squander, adjusting glucose, controlling pulse and cholesterol level (cardiovascular wellbeing) and some more. Restorative food incorporates calming food varieties and mitigating parts of specific food varieties and spices are connected with brought down aggravation. The recuperating food sources diet will bring you into an absolute wellbeing change and this eating regimen is intended to help defeats from sicknesses like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Digestive problems, Fatigue, Depression, Hormone irregularity, and Cancer avoidance. The significant gatherings of calming food sources are green verdant vegetables, pecans, coconut oil beets, broccoli, natural products like pineapple, blueberries, salmon and so forth.

  • Bioactive nutraceuticals
  • Organic herbs
  • Role of medicinal food in nutrition
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Healing food diet

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