Food & Nutritional Metabolomics

Not at all like other 'omics' advances (genomics, proteomics… and so forth), metabolomics gives natural arrangement that reflects a singular's stand-out inherited exceptional imprint, just as lifestyle, eating routine and climate. Using metabolomics, researchers can quantitatively isolate non-genetic factors that are involved in post genomic and posttranscriptional change. Foodomics has been as of late characterized as another discipline that concentrates on food and nourishment areas through the use of cutting edge omics advances in which MS methods are viewed as fundamental. Uses of Foodomics incorporate the genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and additionally metabolomic investigation of food sources for compound profiling, credibility, or potentially Biomarkers connected with food quality or wellbeing; the advancement of new transgenic food varieties, food foreign substances, and entire poisonousness studies; new examinations on food bioactivity, food impacts on human wellbeing.

  • Metabolomics of genetically modified crops
  • Metabolomics in nutrition research
  • Dietary metabolites and cellular metabolism
  • Nutrigenomics and plant functional genomics
  • Food safety and contamination assessment using metabolomics

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