Renal Nutrition and Metabolism

Renal nutrition is concerned with making certain that excretory organ patients eat the proper foods to make dialysis efficient and improve health. A diet prescribed in chronic renal failure and designed to regulate the intake of protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and fluids, depending on individual conditions. Carbohydrates and fats are the principal sources of energy. Protein is less in number; the amount is determined by the patient’s condition. Milk, eggs, meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits, bread, rice and pasta are the primary sources of calories. The key points of renal nutrition are eating more high protein foods, and less high salt, high potassium, high phosphorus foods. The low potassium level of the diet also makes it useful in hyperkalemia. The diet could also be nutritionally inadequate and should be supplement with vitamins and electrolytes.


  • Renal supplements
  • Nutrition for renal failure patients
  • Abnormality in renal metabolism
  • Pre-dialysis Renal Diet

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